About yoga

The yoga I teach is not about making shapes on a mat - it gives us tools for a better life.


I’ll never forget your face and you certainly won’t ever be another ‘body’ in a class to me,  I will welcome you, respect you, and treat you as a whole person, a sum of all your parts – not just the bendy ones.

Most sessions include a combination of physical movement and ‘asana’ (yoga postures) as well as breathing techniques, relaxation and meditation. I believe that one of the most beneficial things we can do for ourselves is to learn how to properly rest, so our cells can heal and replenish themselves - yet so often deny ourselves this basic necessity. I also like to follow the natural cycle of the seasons, drop in inspiring quotes and poems at times, and create an all-important sense of community, camaraderie and fun in each class.

My teaching is influenced by the yoga of Vanda Scaravelli, as well as my curiosity and connection with nature, my meditation practice, mindfulness, my relationships with others, and well, just about everything in my life! I am acutely aware that no two people are built the same, emotionally or physically, and there is definitely no one cookie cutter ‘right’ way to practice yoga. So you won’t find any impossible postures, pressure or judgement in my sessions.


Only a welcoming smile and an invitation to explore the practice at your own pace.

"I attended a Soulful Saturday workshop and it was yum.

May has a very natural ease about her and the class is relaxed and friendly. May is great at guiding you to a place where you can really switch off. She is sensitive to your needs and wants to cater to you and your body."