Wellbeing coaching

Feel like you’re not quite making the most out of life and don’t know why?

Are you ‘stuck’ somehow and not sure of the best way forward?

I offer one-to-one coaching sessions to support you to to explore any challenges you are facing, or goals you’d like to work towards.

After an initial consultation via Skype, telephone or face to face, we will set out any challenges facing you in being able to live life in the most free and healthy way that is possible for you. Together, we will develop practical, manageable steps for you to move along your path and I will guide you with regular, specialised practice advice and guidance to support your journey.

I use a mixture of my training in yoga teaching, massage therapy, coaching and connection with nature, alongside a hearty dose of hard-earned life experience and a lifetime of trying things out and discovering what works.


  • 1 x 1 hr session: £45

  • Series of 3 x 1hr sessions: £100

  • Series of 6 x 1 hr sessions: £180


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"We must ask ourselves three questions:

What do I most profoundly love?

What are my most profound gifts?

What are my most profound responsibilities? "

Mac Macartney, Founder, Embercome