Massage treatments


I blend my skills and knowledge from yoga and massage to provide treatments that help to nourish and heal the whole person – encouraging you to move and live in a more healthy and mindful way.

My treatments are specifically geared towards women, and I can help you to come down from the busyness of the mind to release tension, rest fully and move more freely.

I offer treatments from my home treatment space in North Bristol (BS5) or at your own home.


1 hr treatment in BS5: £40

1 hr treatment at your home: £45

‘Yogasage’ combined treatments

I offer a unique nourishing treatment weaving together yoga postures, breathing techniques and movement, alongside massage.


In practicing yoga before the massage, the nervous system can calm down and switch from the anxious, tense state we’re often in, to become more calm – which means the body and muscles are much more plyable and receptive for touch. This is especially useful if you find it difficult to relax during a massage.


I work with you to identify areas that are ‘stuck’ during the yoga and bring movement there, ready to work on them in the massage.



2 hr tailored yogasage session: £80 – £90


1.5 hr tailored yogasage session: £65 – £75