Check my Pregnancy Yoga page for details of my regular pregnancy yoga class.


I'm not teaching any other regular classes at the moment but will be doing more seasonal workshops and wild yoga day-retreats.

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Private yoga classes


Private classes offer the opportunity to have a personalised practice plan or programme to address the individual needs or challenges you may be facing. I will undertake a full consultation, including postural and movement analysis and an exploration of your personal aims and what you would like to achieve. After this, I will develop and teach a comprehensive series of classes specifically designed for you – your body, your unique situation and your aims and desires for yourself.

Private classes are particularly useful for anyone with an injury, a health condition, or if you are shy or new to yoga. Often, my students will start off with some private classes, for me to get to know their condition, and then will feel comfortable to join on of my group classes.

I will also leave you with your own practice video, so that you can continue the practice, safely, and guided on your own.

Classes can take place either at your home, my home studio or an external studio space.

Cost varies from £45 / hr – £55/ hr class, and can also be combined with a massage treatment, for full nourishing experience.

Contact me for your free consultation to see if yoga could help you.









" I started working with May earlier this year to help me recover from a severe MS attack. She really listened to my needs and developed a yoga and massage program that we could work through and help with my areas of weakness. May, always does a very thorough assessment before each session and can quickly adapt the program if my needs have changed.

The sessions have improved my muscle stiffness significantly, and help me to relax and re-energise. I feel the benefit for a long while afterwards."