About yoga

I teach yoga as an invitation to get to know ourselves better, to unravel physical and mental tensions and start to build up positive and healthy practices and choices for ourselves.

My classes are suitable for everyone – from people who think they are too ‘un-stretchy’ for yoga, to experienced yogis who are interested in exploring a different way of practicing.

Most classes will include a combination of physical movement and ‘asana’ (yoga postures) as well as breathing techniques, relaxation and meditation. I believe that one of the most beneficial things we can do for ourselves is to learn how to properly rest and release tension from our body. We need rest in order for our cells to be able to heal and replenish themselves and we so often deny ourselves this basic necessity. That’s not to say we spend the WHOLE class lying down (well, maybe sometimes!) we also explore movements to help encourage ourselves back into healthy ways of moving, breathing and being in the world.

The yoga I teach is very much influenced by the teachings of Vanda Scaravelli, as well as my curiosity and connection with nature, my meditation practice, mindfulness, my relationships with others, and well, just about everything in my life! I am acutely aware that no two people are built the same, emotionally or physically, and there is definitely no one cookie cutter ‘right’ way to practice yoga. So you won’t find any impossible postures, pressure or judgement in my classes. Only a welcoming smile and an invitation to explore the practice at your own pace.

Doing yoga with May feels so much more than simply ‘doing’. It feels like being who I want to be…mindful, peaceful and kind to myself.

Joining May’s class has been my best decision this year and is really helping me to look after all of me.

Gemma, Bristol